Project Objectives

  • Investigation of food plants from the Mediterranean diet as well as from Asia, Africa, and South America selected based on established health benefits and chemodiversity.
  • Generation of metabolites derived from plant extracts based on newly developed extract metabolisation protocols which mimic the processing of plant extracts by the human gut and liver.
  • Pharmacological analysis of metabolites and genuine plant constituents using advanced cell-based test assays (focusing on NOX4, Nrf2/Keap1, and proteasome activity modulation as well as anti-diabetic effects) and innovative models for ageing and age associated diseases in flies and mice to identify natural entities promoting healthy ageing.
  • Incorporation of state-of-the-art analytical techniques (microprobe-NMR, LC-SPE-NMR, LC-HR-MSn), dereplication and metabolomics strategies for the characterization of active principles.
  • Generation of solid data and a strong scientific base for the development of a new competitive product in the area of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and/or phytotherapeutics.
  • Enhancement of collaboration potentials based on an extensive network and exchange of knowhow creating dynamic synergies between Industry and Academia.
  • Enrichment and broadening of industrial competences and scientific knowledge as well as development of entrepreneurial skills of young researchers through advanced training forming a new generation of European scientists in the field of natural products research and development.
  • Enhancement of the competitiveness of the European industries in the area of nutraceuticals/dietary supplements benefiting from emerging techniques, novel approaches, and advanced methodologies  produced in the academic environment.
  • Promotion of public awareness about health benefits associated with plant-derived diet.

Project Impact

Enhancement of research- and innovation-related human resources, skills, and working conditions to realise the potential of individuals and to provide new career perspectives.